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Ve L77 Stroker Build on the Dyno and our Tuners Views Also

The L77 stroker build started out as a freshen up, DOD delete kit some LS7 lifters and cam package. ( the LS2 L98 L77 LS 6.0L family. )

Once we got inside she grew a little, well to a full out stroker engine build.

With a good bore and hone, some nice new 0.020" SP pistons with some nice 5cc valve releifs.

Clean up milling 0.038" off the head faces and some nice new tough crow cam valve springs and trunnion upgrade kit.

new billet timing chain kit, nice new crow cams performance camshaft.

A new scat crankshaft and eagle rods, some block work to releive it for the eagle con-rods. new oil pump gm high volume this puppy was ready to become a 404 cubic inch monster 6.6L.

A good pull of 600nm of torque down low for the local crowed when spinning the tyres ( performing a Burnout or skid. at a private track or controlled location of course. )

Also with comfortable 472 Rwhp ( rear wheel horse power ) at the top end.

This Baby end up being the total package. it can be driven on the highway everyday without killing the pocket with the fuel bill and can be used for some horse power hero fun when wanted.

A Big Thankyou ! and Appreciation to :

Our Team here at RPM Engines

for doing such an awesome job putting here back together again.

Michael @ M-Tek Dyno Tuning

for the awesome tune and kind words.


And Last but not least Adam Burton for giving us the oppertunity to create this nice little power house package for him.

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