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UBER , TAXI & HIRE car road worthy inspections:

I have been asked by many clients do we do Road worthy for UBER Drivers , Taxies, HIRE cars etc. the Answer is YES We do.

But there are certain conditions with these ones ! They are a special type of license which we have.

here is a list of Vehicles we do Road worthy inspections and COI ( certificate of inspections on ) :

All Cars that are not Running a LPG gas system. ( we do not do gas certification ).

Cars ( private & commercial use.

Trucks up to 16,000kg Tare weight.

Trucks that are a first time REGO in QLD up to 24,000kg.

Cars and passenger vehicles Taxies , Hire Cars and UBER. anual COI inspections.

Light and Heavy trailers.

TAXI COI certificate of inspection, road worth inspection #www.rpmengines.com.au

UBER COI certificate of inspection, road worth inspection www.rpmengines.com.au #rpmengines

In our inspections to meet AIS requirements and Department of transport rules. all vehicles that fit on a hoist are raised and inspected thoroughly. With all trucks and trailers they are also raised and inspected thoroughly.

Our Thoughts and views on this are these vehicles are carrying your family and friends. also when out on the road are amongst Our families and friends therefor must be safe and reliable.

So If you are a new UBER or HIRE vehicle driver and looking for the right people to carry out your annual inspection or further more need someone to give your vehicle the service & care it needs, we are here to help at RPM Kunda Park.

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