EFI Electronic Fuel injection systems & injector flow test & cleaning:

As we do a lot of older V8 engine reconditioning & performance builds we are always wanting a smoother better system, this is where the Holley EFI throttle body carby replacement style fuel injection systems are great. Being very reliable and almost self tuning these system are a must for bringing your old Chev, Ford , Chrysler, Holden into the future.  they make your care a turn key just like a new vehicle.   

Chev Ls engine conversion efi kits available.

Fast EFI kits also available. 

Including injection kits we also do off car fuel injector cleaning, flow pattern testing & injector re-kiting or reconditioning. for your vehicles petrol fuel injectors. This Is also highly recommended when reconditioning your cylinder head as injectors always seem to be forgotten about. But the one item that is exposed to the engines heat being so close to your engine.   

Custom Braided fuel hoses, lines and Systems

braided hoses fuel lines custom made

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